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Nøp and Abinadaima

Last Wednesday, a few people who had attended my talk the previous week got together with me in a pub in order to create a language in one night. Around eight of us were present, and we came up with two separate languages. Or, at least, we came up with something. Here I’ll present those […]

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Lewis and the Hrossa

Few people know that CS Lewis, as well as being an incredibly famous Christian author and the creator of the Narnia series, created a science fiction trilogy. It was (rumoured) to be a bet with JRR Tolkien to see who could create a space travel, and who a time travel, series. Tolkien created Numenor as a time-travelling […]

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A Conlang Talk in Edinburgh

So, here’s the youtube video for the talk I gave at the University of Edinburgh last week on Conlangs. It was a fun talk to give, and I gave it to around 75, but the sound recording is bad for the first 20 minutes or so, so I’ve subtitled it. Should be a good watch. […]

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Boá! So, here we are. I’ve fully integrated WordPress into this site, so it should flow naturally. There’s a few small issues here and there, but those are entirely aesthetic and pathetic, so they shouldn’t influence anything. With this done, the site can fully grow into what it is supposed to be. The pages above […]

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