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A Conlang Talk in Edinburgh

So, here’s the youtube video for the talk I gave at the University of Edinburgh last week on Conlangs. It was a fun talk to give, and I gave it to around 75, but the sound recording is bad for the first 20 minutes or so, so I’ve subtitled it. Should be a good watch. […]

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RomóHú: Boá. Well, as you may have noticed, this post is very late. I apologise. My sister got married, and I didn’t end up having the time (at all) to work on this until just about now. This was the last of my sisters (the second of the twain) to get married, and it was […]

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The Story Part 2

Túhúyol: boá. Today I am going to post more of my translation, with more cool notes. As you can tell, these notes are done ad hoc, and, as such, they illuminate the endless little things which need to be taken into account in the formation of a language. It is possible that a cleaner language […]

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Derivational Morphology

Boá: Ku túhúmol. Today I am going to talk a bit about some derivational morphology, used to change the part of speech of a word or in building new words from previously existing lexemes. We’ve already seen a and -ef, used to indicate the patient and agent in a verb-noun compound. Thus mutíkana eater of […]

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The Story Part 1

Túhúta’i: Boá! So, I’ve spent the past hoursesh translating a story. It’s from a Gene Wolfe chapter. There is no way I am going to finish it in six days, I am nowhere near fluent enough to do this fast. However, I have discovered a lot of little things that I like which occur in […]

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Babel Labelled

Túhúáti: Boá. I have here the gloss for the Babel transcritiption. I have tried to be as consistent as I could, but I fear I may have goofed in a few places – but it should still be fine. I’ve fixed one or two errors I found. But, all in all, this should be a […]

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Túhúgüm: boá. I am done with another one of the major goals that I had set for myself. Today I will post up the translation of the Tower of Babel chapter, and give you the vocabulary. Tomorrow I’ll go over some interesting phenomena that occur in the translation. Until that post, have yourself a crack […]

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Modal Verbs

Hútúromó: Boá. You may have guessed by now: the Llárriésh have a wonderfully normal number system built around the number ten. The numbers modify the one they follow: 2+10+3 is 23, as today. I haven’t decided yet about numbers which have their own lexeme. Today I am going to talk about modal verbs. These are […]

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Subordinate Clauses

TúHúTúla: Boá. I have already covered relative clauses. If you recall, those are formed by back clipping (also called apocopation) the reduplicated subject, changing it’s tone, and following the word modified with the clause, with the clitic -shî (and no plurality). So, as before: Mutíkanata á mût muánor óll noénashî kikúkikúta bolandes. Those otters which […]

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Túhúram: Boá. Rrí, today is going to be more vocabulary day. Tomorrow I am going to cover relative clauses more thoroughly, I hope. Anyone have any good ideas for what to cover after that? I may be running out of necessitative things. The rest is all just fun, I believe. And translations. Two things I […]

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