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Na’vi Babel Text

So, a tradition in the conlanging world is to translate Genesis 11:1-9 into your language. Since Frommer hasn’t done this yet, I took it upon myself. It was surprisingly easy, I think, but I haven’t translated anything in a while, and I made heavy, heavy use of the Aylì’u Fwewyu (the best application out there, […]

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RomóHú: Boá. Well, as you may have noticed, this post is very late. I apologise. My sister got married, and I didn’t end up having the time (at all) to work on this until just about now. This was the last of my sisters (the second of the twain) to get married, and it was […]

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The Story Part 2

Túhúyol: boá. Today I am going to post more of my translation, with more cool notes. As you can tell, these notes are done ad hoc, and, as such, they illuminate the endless little things which need to be taken into account in the formation of a language. It is possible that a cleaner language […]

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