There’s a microblogging service that is allowed by the Chinese Government, who have armies of censors making sure it doesn’t allow the same freedom of expression as Twitter. More on this can be read in the recent Economists Article.

But what’s really great is running it through Google Translator. Google Translate works by looking at statistical correlations, using massive bodies of text. This means that it often gets the right meanings, but the language is always strangely garbled. In the case of microblogging, this equates to something like raw, unfinished poetry. Here are some examples of what I mean.

  • Household mold: Hungry dizzy. . .
  • Late Anna Na: In fact, one is quite good. cold go out into the yard to hide tight spots. late Anna Na.
  • RONALDOlp: I am sad, but you hear me
  • Yangfear: I want to be able to wear sunglasses a winter city. . . But for the damn paper, I can go to LA next week, 4 days the sun drying. . .
  • wisney: Grass your mother actually has a girlfriend … how do you do … do not die you horse egg roll …

Try if for yourself!

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