Tûn Boá

Welcome to Llama!


Welcome to my site. You may be wondering why you're here. Well, you probably have heard of Richard Littauer (or Taronyu or Lajaki), and stumbled upon this site through one of his ridiculous self-assertive scrawlings on the great spider web. This site is exclusively for showcasing Richard's linguistic work, in particular and mostly dealing with artificially constructed languages. There's not much yet to show, but there may be enough to amuse for a while. You'll see above a few links. I'll go through what they are below.

P.S. If you don't want to be here, you can always go back to Richard's main site.

P.P.S. Tûn Boá, if you're wondering, is Llárriésh for "Hello", more or less. It means, more generally, "I hope that we can share information, that our minds can become one through the process of sharing ideas."

The Links Above:

The first is an about page. That's a pretty good place to start, as well.

One is to a blog, which I just started. It's going to be the centre of this site. All new information, from any of my languages or anything else linguistic that I find interesting, will be gathered through there. Take a look, grab the RSS, and comment if something rubs you the wrong (or the right) way.

The next is to something inscrutably called "Llárriésh". This is part of the reason that the domain name is llama. (Well, the other reason is that llama's are awesome, which isn't much of a reason.) Llama, also called Llárriésh, is a language I worked on for a month as a kind of personal bet with myself - could I create a functioning conlang in one month? The answer was - sorta. Go check it out!

Na'vi and Dothraki are other things. I've been very present in the Na'vi fan community - under the name Taronyu. If you know me, you probably already knew that (perhaps - sadly?). I wrote the dictionary that most people use. Dothraki is a language that is coming out in the spring with the HBO series 'A song of Ice and Fire', and it has been made by David Peterson, who is a pretty cool dude and also part of the LCS (Language Creation Society. They manage conlang.org.) I'm one of the forerunning fans of that language, and have set up Dothraki.org with my friend Seabass, in order to start the fan base. Go check it out!

There is, of course, a links page. It's not really done yet. If you want to suggest something I should link, feel free to email me. My email is at the bottom. Please email me about anything! Questions, comments, money you can give me, even comments on how pretty the site is. If you still don't know who I am, check out my twitter, there on the left, or, even better, the About page up above. That is actually about me, not this site.

And that's it for now. See you around!

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