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Linguistics Work

As some of you might know, I pretty actively study Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. As such, I thought it might be convenient for me to share some things on here.


I'm a member of S.A.I.V.U.S., or the Society for the Advancement of Indigenous Vernaculars of the United States. I'm hoping to do some work this summer producing tutorials for the Lakota language. These guys do great work, and I'm glad to be part of it.


I'm also the webmaster for the Linguistics and English Language Society (as well as the Philosophy Society, apparently): this allows me to have a lovely blog, on which I publish all sorts of linguistic commentary. Go check it out.


Here's a template I use for LaTeX documents, enabling the packages I find most convenient. LaTeX is a brilliant typesetting program and I highly suggest using it, and am willing to help out anyone who needs help, to the best of my abilities. Finally, for those of you who are University of Edinburgh students, I've included my LaTeX .bib file, which has been edited to copy the styles set forth in the handbook, and works almost-flawlessly. It's a bit of a hack-job, but I use it, and I've never been marked down for references with it.

LaTeX Linguistics Template
LaTeX Univ. of Edin. .bst file

richard @ conlang . org