Tûn Boá


The Na'vi language is a constructed language made up by Dr. Paul Frommer for James Cameron's film, Avatar. Starting at Christmas, 2009, and on to the present day, I am the self-appointed head Lexicographer for Na'vi on LearnNavi.org, the largest and best site for Na'vi study. I am also a moderator, and have made thousands of posts under the name Taronyu. I've made more than a few documents. I've included links to the main one, my Dictionary, here, for those of you who want to download it, look it over, and hopefully learn Na'vi. It's been translated into 8 languages, including Na'vi - which I did for April Fool's Day. Comments, suggestions, queries and the like can be directed to richard at learnnavi dot org.

Oel new futa fayul tivìyìng ngaru txana sìltsanä hrrti, na oeru nìteng talmìng. 'Ivong Na'viyä lì'fya!

The Na'vi Dictionary
Na'viyä Lì'fya Nì'aw Txìktìonari

Also, ten points to the first non-Na'vi person to guess where the original text of the following came from:

Oel tsalme'a ayut a ma sute ke tsasyun spivaw. Hunsìpit nìtxep io pxuntil Orionä. Oel tsalma'eia txampayä ayatanti a 'armong mì sìvawm asim sanhìyä tìpiak. Ulte fra'u ayswawä 'ayia, na fay nariyä tompamì. Krr atuserkup...

Just for fun, here is a list of old documents that are ridiculously out of date, full of errors, and possibly amusing.

richard @ conlang . org